A Latte Cocoa


A Latte Cocoa

Beyoncé. There is something so beautiful about attending a Beyoncé concert. Yes I am part of the crazy “Bee-Hive” so forgive me, but this woman can do no wrong in my eyes. And even when she does things that don’t make sense (like odd maternity photos under water with flower wreaths on her head) I still find a way to make it make sense. But at a concert the vibe, aura, energy is unlike anything I’ve EVER experienced. All of us attending are there knowing we are about to experience one of the greatest moments in our life together. You sort of feel a connection to people you never met over a mutual obsession of a superstar.


This is where I met Crystal.  Well sort of. Joey and I attended Beyoncé in the summer of 2016. We had floor seats a few rows in front of Crystal and her boyfriend. The next morning Joey and I went to breakfast and ironically sitting right next to us at the restaurant was Crystal and her boyfriend. Being that we were a couple rows in front of them, we did not recognize them but they remembered us. Crystal got my attention and said “hey, we saw you last night at Beyoncé!!” HELLUR! Instant best friends. We chatted about our mutual love of Sasha Fierce, Lemonade, who we thought Becky with the good hair was, leotards,  Jay-Z being a complete idiot (like, who would cheat on Beyoncé?!) while our husband/boyfriend were in agreement that the concert was just ok, (ok??! She had fireworks, 922 backup dancers, 691 outfit changes, 7 wigs AND water on the stage) but one Beyoncé concert is enough in their lifetime (lies. I need to see her at least 6 more times before I’m 40) and  it was more about us than them (truth). We exchanged numbers and connected on Facebook. Although Crystal and I have never gotten a chance to hang out again after that ironic meeting at breakfast, we always kept in touch via text and Facebook. One day while texting she told me that she had plans for something big. Although she didn’t go into great detail about what her plans were, I could tell she was serious and passionate. Months later she announced on her social media that she was starting a t-shirt line. A Latte Cocoa.



The inspiration for this line came from her mother, who was suffering from uterine cancer. Having lost her father as a teen, Crystal knew she had challenges ahead of her. Fortunately her mothers health made a turn around and she pulled through and A Latte Cocoa was born.  She was inspired by her mothers strength and and courage and wanted to make shirts to empower women but to also support women’s health. The amazing thing about A Latte Cocoa is that 5% of monthly sales go to a charity that supports women’s health. Sales for September are going to the Foundation For Women’s Cancer (foundationforwomenscancer.org). The Foundation supports research, education and public awareness of gynecologic cancers. Crystal even takes suggestions from her customers if they have a charity in mind.

What I love about Crystal was even though she text me that she had this great idea, it didn’t stop her from praising me on what she perceived as my talent and telling me I have something special. Besides Joey and my girlfriends, Crystal pushed me to start this blog as well.  I appreciate women who want to build up women. It’s hard to keep that mind set as a woman. I’m guilty of it every day. We are almost hard wired to be so tough and judgemental on each other and especially ourselves. But when you step back and look, each and every one of us are pretty freaking awesome. Is it a coincidence that Crystal and I met at the concert of one of the most empowering women on the planet? I don’t think so.

Crystal’s small business is off to a great start. She has booths set up at multiple events. She was at Black Women’s Wellness day in Madison,WI. November 11th she will be at #BlackGirlPassion in Oak Park, IL and December 3rd, the Holiday Extravaganza Expo for Women in Naperville,IL. As of now, Crystal has 4 shirt designs to choose from with more designs to come, ranging from sizes small to 2XL.  I of course had to choose the most dramatic screen T because this had me written all over it. For reference, I’m wearing a size L. Dressed up or down, these shirts are SO cute.

edit 4


Visit her site and see which design makes you feel empowered and support a great cause.

Because “Who run the world? Girls”.

Just a quote from a famous poet I know 🙂


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