Mo who!?

90% of the time that’s the reaction I get when I tell people I’m trying out a new hair care product.  Monat. Now I don’t know if it’s pronounced “Mo-nay” or “Mo-nat” but I am here to give you my totally unbiased opinion on this product. I’m not selling this product nor am I being paid to write this (I wish).

This product came on my radar maybe 6-8 months ago when Ashley Drissi, the photographer for my FAVORITE online boutique store started talking about how it transformed her hair. She even had the photos to prove it:

IMG_1810She went on to explain her hair on the left was fried and damaged from years of bad products  and she was using extensions to cover up the sad state of affairs that were her hair. The photo on the right, no extensions after cutting off two inches. Impressive right? It’s clear whatever she is using worked. Her hair is clearly healthier. But I’m a skeptical person. For two reasons. 1. she is selling this product. And obviously if we get all heart eye emoji over her before and after photos and buy the product,  she benefits from sales. 2. As much as I love Ashley……..she’s white. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. But I’m a 34 year old black woman. I’ve tried MANY a products in my years that were not made for MY hair. We will just say the last time I let someone  who didn’t understand my hair texture convince me  to use something , my hair fell out and I was looking like Fire Marshall Bill:

IMG_1812This is not an exaggeration for laughs. My hair legit fell out, it was thin and I had to get a ugly bowl hair cut to get my entire life back together.  Trust me, it wasn’t cute.  So one day when Ashley talked about it in a Facebook post, I decided to just instant message her. I didn’t beat around the bush. I flat out asked why I never see any black women selling it or any black women in the before and after photos. Her response was “girl I got you”.  She recommended I try the Monat Hydration System since my hair is VERY dry. I mean Sahara dry. I mean you walk by with a match and light it on fire dry.  The Hydration System is a shampoo, a masque conditioner and a leave in conditioner. She also recommended I try the Rejuvenique hair oil. IMG_1813In time I got my Monat package in the mail via FedEx and I couldn’t wait to wash my hair.


My thoughts on the Renew Shampoo: I’m used to using drug store brand shampoo that has a knock you in the face, “hey!! I just washed my hair!!!” smell.  Monat isn’t like that. The smell (if there is any) is quite mild. Also the first wash there is zero lather. So as a skeptic, I’m standing in the shower with no suds thinking “as soon as I get out this shower I’m telling Ashley this product is trash.” But apparently that is how Monat works. The first wash breaks up all the junk you’ve been putting in your hair but when you rinse and apply a second time, HOLY BUBBLES! Once I rinsed the second time my hair felt really clean.

Replenish Masque conditioner: It feels like any other type of conditioner to me. Maybe a little bit more on the thicker side. Mild smell like the shampoo. You are supposed to leave it on for a minimum of  5 minutes and rinse. I felt like after I rinsed,  my hair felt a little “heavy”. I possibly used too much, which if you know me that is a correct assumption.


Restore Leave In Conditioner: I really like this. I only use one pump for my whole head right out of the shower. I even use it on my hair in between wash days before I style my hair. It’s a light weight creamy product and easily one of my favorites.


Rejuvenique Oil: If I could marry an object, it would be this oil. I use it right out of the shower. I use it in between wash days, I use it sometimes twice a day. I love it as much OR MORE as Moroccan Oil. On Monat’s website it says the key ingredient to this oil is something called “Abyssian”. I have no idea what that means but it makes sense because my hair is so dry it looks like it came straight out of an abyss. This product is my holy grail product for hair, hands down.

I truly feel like Monat is a good product overall. While all Monat users will tell you it’s not a quick fix product and real results take time, I can say my hair, after one wash felt better and looked better.  Below are some photos. The top left photo is after a blow dry using my normal drug store brand shampoo and conditioner. The photo next to it is a blow dry after using Monat. My hair after a blow dry with Monat is straighter, shinier. It also felt more manageable. The bottom right photo is after a flat iron using my normal drug store shampoo and conditioner. The photo next to it was a flat iron after using Monat.  In the first photo using my drug store products my hair was straight, but after Monat it was shinier and had more volume.

IMG_1802So what are the pros and cons in my opinion and do I recommend you try this product?


  • Monat is a highly concentrated product. Literally a dab’ll do ya. So someone like me who doesn’t wash their hair daily, it’s going to last me awhile.
  • I like how I noticed a change in my hair after the first use. So it makes me believe with continuous use I’m going to see a positive difference in my hair.
  • Monat also cuts my hair drying time in half. I don’t know how it does that but with a 6 month old baby I need ALL the extra minutes.
  • You can mix and match products. I have a system but I really like the oil and conditioner, so my next purchase I may tweak a bit.


  • It has to be ordered online which sucks if you’re like me always doing things last minute. I’m the one adding water to the product trying to make it last because I forgot to reorder. I do believe there is an auto ship feature though.
  • It’s pricy. The hydration system I use is $100 for the shampoo, conditioner and leave in conditioner. The oil I’m in love with is $100. If you become a VIP member though (how one does that I don’t know) you can get both the system and oil for $84 a piece. However, the amount of products I buy (that I end up hating) and they sit under my sink for years,  probably total the hydration system.

Overall would I recommend you try Monat? Yes. I think if you’re trying to get your hair healthy and you’re tired of trying a bunch of products that don’t work, you should try it out. It is costly, but someone like me who has done so much trial and error, it’s nice to find something that so far seems to be working for me.

9/21/17 UPDATE:

I love these products so much that I decided to distribute. Please contact me at or visit my site at!


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  1. mommyinpain says:

    Love Monat, great review!

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