All I needed was some iceberg lettuce…..

I figured since my Mental Load blog post has all the women looking at their significant others with the hardest side eye EVER, I should do a light-hearted fun post about make-up.

So to begin, let me be clear: I really don’t care for Wal-Mart. It’s just the closest shopping center to my house. Which means when you really need just one item you begrudgingly go there because of convenience. All I needed was a head of iceberg lettuce. DASS IT. So how did I end up in the makeup aisle?!  I’ll tell you why. Because places like Wal-Mart, Meijer (don’t even get me started on Target) have vapors in the air venting systems. You know when you walk through those automatic opening doors of any store and a whoosh of cold air hits you from up high? It’s the vapors. The shopping vapors. It triggers your brain to not only get the head of lettuce you went in for, but to buy new bath towels. May as well get the matching bath rug and a new toothbrush holder, then go take a look at the hair care products, the baby clothes for the kids you don’t have and while you’re at it YOU MAY AS WELL REDECORATE YOUR ENTIRE BEDROOM.  So you leave the store $250 in the hole, with a new pair of shoes, a comforter, throw pillows and drapes, two onesies,  a shower curtain, blackhead remover strips, and a head of lettuce.

I did this at Walmart last week. On a smaller scale. Because I’m broke. Got my lettuce and kept inching my way across the store until I got to the make-up aisle. Everyone who knows me knows I LOVE make-up. Lately I’ve been on a lipstick kick. For years, I’ve only been a lip gloss gal but my friend group can rock a bold lip LIKE NO OTHER. Their constant lip slayage made me feel like I needed to get on board. Look at their slayabilities here:



90% of my makeup comes from Sephora and I know not everyone can afford to drop $20-$40 on a lip color (shoot sometimes I can’t either but I make it work!) so I found these gems at Walmart for only $6.97! I tested them out for an entire week before I decided to talk about them here.



They are “Covergirl Melting Pout”. It’s a gloss and lipstick all in one.  In my opinion this is the dupe of “Too Faced Melted” which is $21 at Sephora. If you compare both they also have similar colors. Right off the bat they were much more pigmented than I imagined for 6 bucks. The color goes on super smooth, it’s not sticky or tacky and does not have a strong smell. The first application is a little streaky so you may need to apply more than one coat for an even color. I love the sponge like applicator too.


The colors I chose were more on the dramatic side but you can look at the entire line here.


They have nudes, peaches and pinks if you’re not a  raging drama queen like myself. I wore a color out to dinner and yes, the color does come off but not so much that I found myself reapplying like a maniac every 5 seconds. The only con to this is that they don’t come with any corresponding lip liners. You can buy the Farewell Feather Lip Liner, which is an invisible liner that is supposed to prevent lipstick bleeding but I didn’t notice much of a difference with it or without it.  In my opinion save your money, don’t get it.

All in all I love these colors and I plan on going back to the scary Wal-Mart vapors and getting more. Hopefully JUST more colors and not new drapes, area rugs and throw pillows.



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  1. And your lipstick looked amazing last night!! Now I know where to get some new colors!


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